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Welcome to The Roost

UPDATE 6/17/06 -- Our second trailer is in post-production.  All of the Twenty-Third Letter blog entries have been updated, at least for now.  I also moved The Story of the Black Rooster to its own page because it made my home page too long.  

First and foremost, this website is dedicated to the Jamie Volks of this world -- those individuals who face adversity on a daily basis, yet continue to smile through it, however hard that might be. Those whose adversity does not alter the great person who everyone knows them to be. Those who say they wish they had done more when they have unknowingly done more for the people around them than they could ever imagine. My heart -- and respect -- goes out to you.
My wife and I moved from Arizona to California three years ago so that I could start a screenwriting career.  Instead, we decided to have a child, live in four different apartments in a 1 1/2 year period, host a screenwriters group, and open our new apartment to various roommates.  Some good.  Some bad.  One evil.  One Brad.
This website is dedicated to two things: my family life and my career.  Mostly, this will be done in the form of my -- ugh -- blog (I hate trendy words).  Through this website, you can follow me through my adventures of finding an agent, dealing with everyday problems (kept to a minimum, since most are mundane), and the production of my first film -- or failure of such a venture, whichever happens to occur.
Future ruler of the universe